Digital Illustration - Line Art
 copyrights 1996-2010 C. Balch | [insanity shack] design studio | Olympia, WA
No matter the method of reproduction one of the basic keys to a quality print is quality line art. Over the years I have developed several distinct illustrative styles that all share one attribute in common; clean print friendly black line work. In the words of my Design 101 instructor "If it doesn't work in black and white, it doesn't work."
Vector line art - Colt Python .357 - digital illustration - C.Balch 2010
Vector line art - Creative Sparks - promotional illustration - C. Balch 2010
PNLPA - 1 color logo - vector line art and logo design - C. Balch 2003
Vector line art - '65 Lincoln Continental - Digital illustration - C. Balch 2010
Vector line art - logo art samples - C. Balch
Vector line art - stylized / iconic - C. Balch
Vector line art - softer realistic style - C. Balch
Half toned photograph paired with vector line art - Poster design - C. Balch 2004
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